ATS3085/ATS3089 series

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ATS3085/ATS3089 series

ATS3085/ATS3089 series is a highly integrated single-chip Bluetooth audio solution targeting Bluetooth smart watch markets with high performance, low power consumption, and low cost.

The series adopt Dual-core architecture. A MSTAR core is used as application processor, and a companion CEVA TL420 DSP core is used to efficiently handle audio processing. The on-chip RAM and ROM are integrated for various Bluetooth audio processing applications.

The series integrate a Bluetooth controller that is fully compliant to V5.3 standard and is 100% backward compatible to V5.0/4.2/2.1 Bluetooth specifications. It supports dual mode (BR/EDR + Low Energy Controllers) operations. Both links in BR/EDR and LE can be active simultaneously. Additionally,the embedded BLE Audio features bring new audio listening experiences and wonderful call experiences.

Well suited for wearable applications,the series integrates a 2.5D GPU, a 2D GPU and a built-in LCD controller providing excellent display effects while maintaining extremely low power consumptions. It supports LCD panels with 3-line SPI, 4-line SPI, Dual SPI, QSPI, DDR QSPI, TR-J/TR-S parallel HSYNC/VSYNC, or MCU interfaces. The SoC also integrates a sensor hub and a complete set of advanced power management circuits, which further enables the series to provide extremely low power consumption while maintaining high degrees of usability and achieving high marks in performance.

The series has a flexible memory configuration and a rich set of interfaces such as SD/SPI/USB2.0 FS/UART/I2C/PWM/I2S/PCM TX&RX. T It also has the minimum package & boasts the most compact BOM in industry, making it an ideal SoC candidate for all-in-one communication & wearable application devices.

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PSA Certified Level 1 Details

Certificate Number: 0632793519836-10100
Date of Issue: 09/02/2024
Test Lab: CAICT
Certification Holder: Actions
Certified Product: ATS3085/ATS3089 series
Hardware Version: ATS3085E, ATS3085S4, ATS3085S, ATS3085SN, ATS3085LM, ATS3089,ATS3089P, ATS3089C V1.0
Software Version: TF-M v1.4.0
Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 v3.0 BETA 01
Developer Type: PSA Certified – Chip