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RK3399/RK3399Pro are low power, high performance processors for computing, personal mobile internet devices and other smart device applications. Based on Big.Little architecture, it integrates dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53 with separate NEON coprocessor.  Many embedded powerful hardware engines provide optimized performance for high-end application, such as VPU/RGA/GPU/ISP etc. In addition, RK3399Pro is equipped with one powerful neural network process unit(NPU), which supports mainstream platforms in the market, such as caffe, tensorflow and so on.

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PSA Certified Level 1 Details

Certificate Number: 0716053550125-10010
Date of Issue: 23/08/2021
Test Lab: CAICT
Certification Holder: Rockchip Electronics Co.,Ltd
Certified Product: RK3399/RK3399Pro
Hardware Version: RK3399/RK3399PRO
Software Version: TF-A v1.3 and OP-TEE v1.1.0
Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 v2.1
Developer Type: PSA Certified – Chip