RV11xx Series Certificates

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PSA Certified™ Security Assurance Certificate

PSA Certified Level 1

Certificate Number: 071653550378-10010
Date of Issue: 06/04/2022
Test Lab: CAICT
Certification Holder: Rockchip Electronics Co.,Ltd
Certified Product: RV11xx Series

RV11xx Series(RV1109/RV1126/RV1106/RV1103) are high-performance AI vision processor SoC for IPC/CVR, or for other intelligent vision applications. They are based on ARM Cortex-A7 32-bit core which integrates NEON and FPU. Many embedded powerful hardware engines provide optimized performance for intelligent vision application, such as VPU/RGA/NPU/ISP etc. RV11xx also have powerful security subsystem, supporting TrustZone isolation, crypto hardware accelerator, secure OTP, Secure Boot, etc.

Hardware Version: RV1109/RV1126/RV1106/RV1103
Software Version: OP-TEE V3.13.0
Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 v2.1
Developer Type: PSA Certified – Chip